People-centered HR Management

What is Human Resources Management? At the heart of our organizations and movements are people. As long as we have people working together towards a common purpose, we need people management. Human resource management, or people management, is the design of systems and practices in an entity that ensures people who perform the labor have the capacity, resources, abilities, and motivation to achieve their goals, and that deals with the nature of the labor-employer relationship and all of the decisions, actions and issues that relate to that relationship.”

Where do human resources and people management live in your organization?

Perhaps you have internal staff who handle HR matters, or perhaps someone on your management team serves in a dual capacity. If you’re like many small-to-mid-size organizations, you might need more hands-on support, customized training for your managers, and an HR audit.

If you’d find it useful to turn to a trained professional for HR expertise and strategic guidance, Vega Mala Consulting can offer you custom HR support. We can help you sort out what you need to manage internally and what you may need to bring to the attention of a nonprofit HR attorney. 

What's Hot(c)(3)?! HR, Operations, and Technology for Change, Capacity, and Collaboration.


October 25, 2017 | Mala

Welcome to HOT(c)(3)! HR, Operations, and Technology for Change, Capacity, and Collaboration.

I’m excited to explore topics in HR, operations, and technology here with you. If you’re a small-to-midsize social justice organization, this is for you!

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What is human resources management?

February 1, 2018 | Mala

Human Resources Management for the Social Justice Sector

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